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  • With our eight (8) animal Mascots the kids loved the team atmosphere it created. They competed at every stage and had lots of fun doing so.

Lions                                 Bears                             Rhinos                         Eagles

Hawks                              Gators                            Vipers                         Wolves

An area we must explore further in 2018. Plans are in place to facilitate a children’s league featuring 5 player teams developing through our program. These things take time, however, 2017 was a great start with the introduction of this initiative. The Sandals Foundation must be commended for their commitment to the development of our youth both on and off the courts. Our small facility cannot accommodate any more players as we only have two courts.

We intend to dedicate social media platforms for the promotion of our newly formed league in an effort to bring more attention to the development of players and promotion of sponsors. This is much needed in our climate as sponsorship has become even more difficult to acquire.

We have not lost sight of our mission to produce University level players as developing players is a decade long commitment.